Luisa Garribba Rizzitelli

Professional expert in communication, institutional relations and events.
Member of the Italian Organizing Committee of One Billion Rising, the worldwide event created by Eve Ensler which mobilizes women and men all over the world.
Collaborates with the NGO Differenza Donna Onlus and with other profit and non-profit organisations providing communication expertise and external relations services.
Journalist and trainer, she is an expert in gender policies and activist for women’s rights, for which she works with men and women who believe in the value of gender equality.
Editorialist of ELLE’s online magazine “Lettera Donna”.
Founder and president of Assist Associazione Nazionale Atlete, the only association in Italy whose mission is to protect the collective rights of female athletes and female sports workers.
For six years in charge of project communication for Italia Lavoro Spa, a technical agency of the Ministry of Labour (now ANPAL).

Graziella Priulla

Retired University professor of Sociology of Cultural Processes and essayist. Trainer and organizer of seminars and courses on gender languages, gender stereotypes and prevention of violence against women.

In addition to gender education, she has carried out researches on political communication and public communication, the education system, mass media, and language.

Her recent texts and publications:

Parole Tossiche (“Toxic Words”) (ed. Settenove) on degraded language and sexist talk;

La libertà difficile delle donne (Women’s Difficult Freedom) (ed. Settenove) on the power, models, and mechanisms that still condition our freedom;

Viaggio nel paese degli stereotipi (“Journey to the country of stereotypes”) (ed. Maori Village) on the commonplaces that still circulate and spread in daily action, hindering progress.

Azzurra Rinaldi

Azzurra Rinaldi insegna Economia Politica, Economia dei Paesi Emergenti ed Economia del Turismo presso l’Università degli Studi di Roma Unitelma Sapienza, dove è anche Presidente del Corso di Laurea in Economia delle Aziende Turistiche.

Lavora da anni nel settore della cooperazione internazionale, guidando e prendendo parte a progetti di ricerca nell’ambito della formazione e dell’empowerment femminile in paesi quali il Libano o l’India.

Si occupa di empowerment anche presso la Commissione Cultura della Camera dei Deputati, è Core Expert del laboratorio di genere Minerva Lab, istituito presso la Sapienza Università di Roma e partecipa a conferenze nazionali ed internazionali sui temi legati alla parità di genere.

Ha pubblicato articoli e libri sui temi del gender gap, dell’economia dei paesi emergenti e dell’economia del turismo con editori nazionali ed internazionali.

Antonio Rotelli

Lawyer and human rights activist, specialized in law, member of legislative offices of parliamentary groups of the Chamber of Deputies from 2007 to 2018.
Among the bills he drafted in the last legislature: “how to resign voluntarily” (A.C. 254); “bringing forward the age of access to old age pension in favor of working mothers” (A.C. 1503); “introduction of teaching sentimental education at school” (A.C. 1510).

As a lawyer he is co-founder of Avvocatura per i diritti Rete Lenford, a non-profit organization, which has sponsored leading houses, before all national and supranational courts (European Court of Human Rights and Court of Justice), for the recognition of the rights of lgbt people.

Luisa Betti Dakli

Professional journalist and human rights expert, directs the network DonnexDiritti and writes for la “27esima ora” by Corriere della sera. In the Commission of Equal Opportunities of the Order of Journalists of Lazio as an expert where she takes care of gender training, and in the Cpo of the union of journalists of Lazio, Stampa Romana.

She deals with the narration of womens murdering on TV, in the press and on the web, with a wide theoretical production, and by teaching, consulting and participating in numerous institutional and international conferences as a speaker.

She has recently published a manual for a correct narration of violence against women in information, “Stop violence: the words to say it” with the essay “Kill twice. The responsibility of the newspapers” and the book “Our bodies as antibodies” with the essay “Sovereignty on attack: women and children first“.

She teaches in seminars, workshops  and training courses for journalists, lawyers, magistrates and operators of anti-violence centers.

Alessandra Palattella

Medical Psychiatrist

Systemic-Relational, Psychotherapist, and Associate Professor at University of Tor Vergata, Rome.

Expert and trainer in gender issues, always interested in the harmonious development of the in-dividual, the creation of individual well-being and the protection of human rights within the context of belonging (family, school, work, society).

Lorenzo Gasparrini

Graduated in philosophy and lecturer at several universities in Central Italy, he is dedicated to the dissemination of topics related to gender studies, especially aimed at a male audience.

He conducts seminars, workshops in universities, social centres, companies, trade unions, profes-sional associations, self-organised groups; publishes constantly in specialized and non-specialised magazines, both online and printed.

Author of “Diventare uomini” (Ed. Settenove, 2016) (“Becoming men” ) and “Non sono sessi-sta, ma…” (TLON, 2019) (“I’m not a sexist, but…”).
In his blog he collects his writings and interventions on ra-dio and television.