The lessons are structured in such a way as to offer a moment of confrontation and continuous participation. The main objective of the Better Place teachers is to create an empathetic and dialogic atmosphere on all topics. The awareness of dealing with a delicate area, which is also capable of encountering strong resistance, means that the lessons of Better Place® are studied by focusing on the climate that will be established in the classroom and starting from the analysis of the messages that everyone encounters every day.

The universe of information, entertainment, advertising, media become the first element on which to derive the meaning of the word “stereotype” and its negative effects.

From this to deep dive in other subjects, linked by a single thread: how to build better relationships between men and women and how to create awareness of the “cultural cages” that still make the free and equal paths of women and men full of obstacles.

In addition to setting the lessons on solicitation and confrontation with the classroom, the teachers propose activities, role-play, reflection and proposal.

Better Place® sets all of its classroom lessons by having at least two teachers in each class. This is done intentionally to allows greater dynamism and support in an effective way the interaction of the students.